VIDEO: Guam Guard Trains to Save Lives in Combat


Guam – Guam National Guard soldiers spent the day training for combat lifesaving in preparation for their upcoming deployment to Afghanistan.

About a hundred guardsmen and women were in Andersen South for the exercise. Part of the training involved simulating combat missions with injured soldiers or civilians and how to respond to these situations. The exercise includes treating the injured on the front line or medevacing them to safer ground.

The commander of the 1-294th Infantry Regiment, Lt. Col. Mike Tougher explains that the soldiers are trained as combat life savers who provide immediate care on the battlefield.

“We hope to have approximately 95 percent of our soldiers trained as combat life savers,” says Tougher. “They’re not medics. We do have medics and those medics will also provide care on the battle field. But in the event that there is not a medic immediately available, all of these soldiers will be able to provide that immediate care to stop bleeding, open airways, and at some point maybe even insert an IV, things like that.”

About 600 Guam National Guardsmen and women are preparing to deploy to Afghanistan within the next few months.