VIDEO: Guam International Film Fest Kicks Off


Guam – The 2nd annual Guam International Film Festival officially got underway Thursday night. A total of 53 films will be featured over the next three days.

A press conference was held with the Festival Producers at the Cars Plus showroom today. The brainchild of Don and Kel Muna, or the Muna Brothers, this year’s Film Fest is expected to bring in a wider selection of both locally produced and international films.

International Director Taro Tsuruga talks about the partnership GIFF forged with Japanese filmmakers.

“This year, in addition to last year, we have a much richer selection of Japanese and Korean movies. For Japanaese movies we have a good  realtionship with the Japan Short Film Festival and we have nine short films. In addition to that we have a really good quality documentary film called Peace. The director of the film … is the most renowned documentary film director in Japan ,” said Tsuruga.

The Muna brothers are well known starring and directing in Guam’s first full length feature that was produced by a local cast and crew. Festival Director JD Iriarte underscores the value a film fest brings to the island and the region.

“It helps the local youths realize that creating these films and having them play alongside big international films as well … is not that far out of their reach. And the film festival helped these local kids be able to make their dreams become a reality in a much easier way,” Iriarte says.

A launch party for GIFF will be held tonight at the Zen Ultra Lounge at the rooftop of the Royal Orchid Hotel in Tumon.