VIDEO: Guam Solid Waste Authority Rolls Out Curbside Recycling


Guam – (Friday, Oct. 25) – It will soon be easier to recycle for Guam residents. The Guam Solid Waste Authority began rolling out it’s new island wide curbside recycling program today in the village of Yigo.


 Under the program all residential customers of the Guam Solid Waste Authority will receive recycling carts that they can use to put in paper magazines, copy paper, newspaper, cardboard, cereal boxes, aluminum, metal cans, as well as plastics 1 and 2 beverage containers. 

After running a pilot recycling program for a few years the solid waste authority decided to extend the program island wide. Solid Waste Authority press liason Alicia Fejeran says that recycling carts will be picked up twice a month on the same day as regular trash pickup. 

“When we distribute the carts they will receive their collection schedule on the brochure that will be hanging on their cart so everyone will be collected twice a month and then these recycling items will go to Mr. rubbish man and they will sort it out there,” said Fejeran.

 Today residents in Yigo were the first to get recycling carts. This morning crews were distributing carts in in the Marianas Terrace subdivision. PNC spoke to Yigo resident Phil Muna who said he was happy to finally get his recycling bin. “I think its a great program we’ve been waiting for a while and so finally it came out and I’m really happy to see it come out to this date because I think I waited for about almost a year,” said Muna. Meanwhile, Fejeran says they hope to get recycling carts to all customers before Christmas.