VIDEO: K-57’s Paul Charfauros Makes National Headlines Over Mysterious Indiana Jones Journal


Guam – A discreet Indiana Jones fanatic made national headlines when one of his collector items inadvertently made its way to the University of Chicago … and he’s from Guam.

He’s none other than Sorensen Media Group Producer Paul Charfauros and you can catch him on K57’s Patti on the Radio and the Big Show with Travis Coffman.

Charfauros makes replica journals seen in the move Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark and sells them on Ebay.

Over the last few days officials at the University of Chicago have been trying to piece together how the journal was sent to them and from whom. So they set out to find their answers, writing a blog even sharing their story with news giants such as The New York Times, Fox News, CBS News and NPR.

Well their search has ended on Guam. It turns out Charfauros sent the fake journal to a customer in Italy. Somewhere between Guam and Italy the replica fell out of the original USPS package and got lost in Honolulu, Hawaii. USPS employees then manually wrote a zip code onto the real University address and sent the package there.

“I got an email from Grace at the University of Chicago basically telling me the whole story of how this ended up in their hands,” explains Charfauros. “She sent me a link to their Tumblr blog page and that’s when I found out how big this story was. Actually I was surprised. The first time I found out about it was through our CBS news. They did a story on this a couple times yesterday and I’m going, ‘Nah, it can’t be me.'”

Charfauros sells his replica journals on ebay with a starting bid of $100.  However, he says his replica Indiana Jones journals have been sold for as much as $285. His ebay account name is Ravenbar.