VIDEO: Gutierrez Will Not Run for Congress; Endorses Congresswoman Bordallo Instead


Guam – Former Governor Carl Gutierrez says he will not run for congress and is instead giving his full endorsement of fellow democratic candidate Madeleine Bordallo. Gutierrez will fill in for k57’s Ray Gibson as a guest host on Monday’s (5/7/12) edition of the breakfast show. Today he told PNC about some of the topics he’ll be discussing on Monday.


 Former Governor Carl Gutierrez was planning on running for congress in fact he says he already has 4,200 names on his petition but is holding off on running for congress because current congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo has followed through on her commitment to ask Guam U.S. Attorney Alicia Limtiaco and U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate the irregularities that were found by the Guam Election Commission in the 2010 general election. “Madeleine Bordallo has done two things already wrote to the attorney general here wrote to the attorney general of the United States and she is headed in the direction where I will not run and I will ask the Democratic Party to enthusiastically support her that she can remain there another two years,” said Gutierrez.

 The former Governor will be hosting Ray Gibson’s breakfast show on k57 this Monday(5/7/12). As for the topics of discussion, the former governor says everything is fair game. “Under the Felix Camacho administration he wouldn’t open himself up for any questioning on the air neither has Eddie Calvo they lay out the rules that I can get on the air but no questions,” said Gutierrez adding, “let’s talk about it call us in and air your concerns vent your anger and hopefully we can get some answers.”

 Gutierrez says some of the things he wants to talk about include the detrimental effects of Governor Eddie Calvo’s proposed layoffs. He says these layoffs will not only be detrimental to individual lives and families but to the economy as well. He also wants to talk about nepotism at the port authority of Guam but one of the biggest topics he wants to touch on is the election challenge. “We’re gonna tell you a ton of things without the derision of some of the talk show hosts that you know when they bring up this election they poo poo a lot of the facts that are being said this time the facts are gonna be told the way that wee see it without anyone having a snicker and a snee on what we’re saying so that will be brought out we will tell them everything that we’re trying to do and to uncover the fraudulent and stupid mistakes and purposeful mistakes that were done,” said the former Governor.

 Gutierrez says that Frank Aguon Jr. wrote to him over a year ago requesting to be removed from the election lawsuit he filed because he didn’t want to put his family through a financial strain. “Well I wrote to him and I said you haven’t put a penny into this I put almost $50 thousand with my family we borrowed money please don’t leave because if you jump out if it’s for financial I brought him over to David Lujan, David said I haven’t asked you for one penny the governor has paid everything so don’t worry about it the next thing he did was write another email saying well I have personal reasons now I said if you did that and you pulled out then your gonna cause the lawyer to have a conflict and so that’s how I lost my lawyer because of Frank Aguon and I hope that he sleeps well at night,” said Gutierrez adding,”Frank Aguon was the cause of my woes right now with losing my money when in fact he gave not one penny for this lawsuit.”

 Nevertheless Gutierrez is not giving up on the lawsuit. “I’m looking for another attorney I’m looking for every which way that I can resolve this situation but I really believe that this case should not fall on my shoulders and my families shoulders I believe that the Attorney General of Guam the U.S. Attorney of Guam should be investigating these things instead of me using it using my money or resources to go to court to try to prove something that already has been given to them to investigate so hopefully whatever transpires the legal authorities should be the one that moves this thing forward not me,” said Gutierrez.

 So what about his political future? Gutierrez says he will not run for congress but will he run for anything else? “Somebody texted me yesterday to run for senator so they’re trying to make sure that the Democrats stay in power I may not run but that’s what I’m doing is to make sure that the Democrats keep the majority in legislature,” said Gutierrez.

 Does he plan on running for governor again? “Of course I always plan because if I stop running I die… what do they say? They say that if you cease to become productive you begin to die that’s what I meant to say and I’m not saying that I’m running in 2014 but I’m saying I just can’t ever say I stop because once I do that your enthusiasm for life kind of goes and wanes,” said the former Governor adding, “I wanna make sure to my dying day that I make a difference on this territory because my grandchildren and my daughters and my son you know they need to be able to find a better place than I found it.” Former Governor Carl Gutierrez will be the guest host of Ray Gibson’s Breakfast Show on Newstalk K57 on Monday (5/7/12) morning.