VIDEO: Hearing on Jason Rui’s Nomination to Cockfight Board as Mayor’s Council Considers Centralizing Village Cockfights


Guam – The legislature held a public hearing on a number of appointments to three different govguam boards.

Specifically they heard from Ginger S. Porter who has been appointed to the Guam Regional Transit Authority board of directors, Franklin P. Leon Guerrero who has been appointed to the Alcholic Beverage Control Board and Jason Y. Rui who has been appointed to the Cockpit License Board. Rui recently won the bid for casino concessions at this past liberation carnival in Tiyan. He promised to serve as best he could on the cockpit board.

 Meanwhile Mayor’s council Vice-Chairman Sinajana Mayor Robert Hoffman told senators that the mayors were actually considering ways to improve upon the regulation of cockfighting during village fiestas. They are planning on giving an annual listing of villages and their village cockfights for approval as a whole by the Governor on an annual basis.

Currently the Governor has to approve village fiesta cockfighting on a village by village and month by month basis.

“Another suggestion was why dont we try to centralize it and that was a great idea if its centralized then that weekend is dedicated to that village we can invite our village cockfighters to come out and support them and one key thing we can do even in the regulation side we pay oru four percent tax we make sure eveytihng is in the up and up on that,” said Hoffman. 

Mayor Hoffman says it would also eliminate building cockfight domes in each village and it would reduce the backyard unsanctioned cockfights.