VIDEO: Hearing on Yet More Bills to Increase Jail Time to Deter Crime


Guam – A public hearing was held this morning before Senator Frank Aguon’s Judiciary Committee on yet more bills aimed at deterring crime by increasing penalties for various offenses.

Senator Brant McCreadie’s  “Vulnerable Victims Act” would tac-on additional jail time for anyone convicted of a crime against an elderly person,  a child or a tourist.

And Senator Yamashita’s Bill #273 would make an invasion of privacy a felony. The Senator said she introduced it in the wake of an incident at the Bank of Guam where a camera was installed in the woman’s bathroom.

The offender was convicted of a misdemeanor, Yamashita’s bill would make such acts a felony.

During the hearing,  Deputy Attorney General Phil Tydingco said if he were a defense attorney he would oppose the measures because the current punishments are sufficient.  However, as a representative of the Attorney General’s office,  Tydingco suggested some minor language changes to both bills, but otherwise had no major objections to the legislation.