VIDEO: Henry Taitano Shares His Goals for Guam’s Economy as New GEDA Administrator


Guam – The newly appointed administrator for the Guam Economic Development Authority, Henry Taitano, says he has big plans for the agency.

Taitano was appointed by the GEDA Board of Directors yesterday. He was serving as the governor’s advisor for social and economic affairs and has worked with GEDA on a number of projects.

Taitano says he plans to continue working on GEDA projects that will help grow the Guam economy and attract positive investment to the island. Another goal Taitano has for GEDA is to grow the local business market as well.

“Being the governor’s economic advisor, I worked with all the agencies. Now I’ll be a little more focused on GEDA initiatives. I still will have a general role in helping the governor with his economic initiatives,” says Taitano. “It’s gonna be very exciting. We have a great staff over there and I’m juts excited; I’m excited to be in this role.”

Taitano will be serving in an acting capacity as the GEDA administrator until he is confirmed by the Guam legislature.