VIDEO: Hissing From CO2 Container No Cause for Concern, It Was a Safety Feature, Not a Threat


Guam – It turns out a container leak at the Port Authority last night was really no cause for concern.

Port Deputy GM for Operations Felix Pangelinan tells PNC that the container, which contained CO2 or liquid carbon dioxide, was labeled incorrectly. Pangelinan says a Port employee heard hissing coming from the iso-container at around 6 pm Monday night. Fearing it was a leak, the employee went to check the container and noticed it was labeled “flammable.”

Pangelinan explains that because it was not clear what was inside the container at the time, the Port Authority was immediately evacuated and Guam Fire Department’s HAZMAT team was dispatched to the scene.

Air samples later confirmed the substance to be CO2. The leak, says Pangelinan, is actually a safety feature of the iso-container, which purges excess pressure when the container is too full.

The iso-container belonged to Pepsi bottling company and the liquid carbon dioxide in the container is used for bottling carbonated drinks, or soda.