VIDEO: Homeland Security Conducts “Incident Command System” Training to Help 1st Responders Handle Emergencies


Guam – Guam Homeland Security and the Office of Civil Defense is hosting Incident Command System training this week for both government and non-government agencies.

The ICS course is a standardized on-scene risk management program. Civil Defense Spokesperon Alyssa Benito says the training is a management tool aimed at helping first responders handle small or large emergency situations. She said the course involves both online and classroom based training. Last year alone, they trained about 300 employees. 

Benito said, “Its important because sometimes when there is an incident, it requires multiple agencies and responders to report to the seen. So what ICS does is it provides a template for all responders to work under. This is a mid-management level course so outside you’ll find officers from GPD, port police, and a lot of our DOD counterparts as well.”

The ICS-300 course is being offered tomorrow from 8 to 5 and the ICS-400 course is being offered this Thursday and Friday also from 8 to 5. The courses are being at the Guam Homeland Security. For more information, call 478-0208.