VIDEO: Humane Society Reps Arrive to Address Stray Dog Problem on Guam and in CNMI


Guam – Representatives from the Humane Society are on Guam this week to meet with island leaders in an effort to help address the problem of stray dogs.

Hawaii State Director of Humane Society Inga Gibson says it will take time to solve the problem on Guam where there are about 40,000 stray dogs. Their plan is  to help provide spay and neuter services as well as conduct a public education campaign.

“Spay-neuter itself, without the other components, would only be a band-aid solution. We need a long term program and part of that is actually conduct a survey. That’s what we hope to do is to work with the Mayors Council, Governor’s Office, GAIN and others in actually doing a survey to determine that actual number of dogs on Guam, identify villages with the greatest need, providing affordable accessible spay-neuter and other veterinary care. Another thing that’s important is education,” said Gibson. 

Gibson also brought up reports to the Humane Society about dog fighting on our island. She says Guam has some of the strongest laws in the country relating to animal abandonment, animal cruelty and dog fighting but she says the challenge is enforcing those laws.

“One of the other components in the meeting is addressing animal cruelty issues. As a National and International organization, we receive calls from our supporters in Guam that are concerned specifically about dog fighting. We want to make sure law enforcement has the resources to investigate and enforce the laws,” said Gibson. 

Tomorrow, representatives from the Humane Society will meet with the Lieutenant Governor. On Friday, they will meet with Mayor Flores in Saipan and next week, they will be leaving to Rota to start on their project.