VIDEO: Hundreds of Children Hunt Down 11,000 Easter Eggs


Guam- Hundreds of children and their parents turned out at the War in the Pacific National Historical Park in Asan Wednesday for the largest egg hunt of the season.

For over two decades, the Department of Parks and Recreation and McDonald’s of Guam have teamed up for this massive egg hunt.

Marketing Consultant Divina Evaristo says this year, they prepared and hid over 11,000 eggs, made up of real and plastic eggs, for the hundreds of children that made it to the War in the Pacific National Park in Asan.

“They spent two days cooking and coloring the real eggs,” said Evaristo. “And we’re now stuffing the plastic eggs with McDonald’s coupons and Foremost treats.”

She also says 3 golden eggs were also hidden for three divisions of children between the ages of 1 to 10. Since they wanted to leave the park the way they found it, Evaristo mentions they had an Easter basket contest that was more environmentally friendly.

“We announced that no plastic Easter grass is allowed. So just paper because it is biodegradable. And we are recycling what ever trash we can,” said Evaristo.

With help from Guam Police and Park Rangers, the park was kept safe for the main event. Volunteers and organizers could be seen scattering bright colored eggs around the center area of the park as children and their parents waited with anticipation. Before the hunt started, 3 year old Mia Rose Figir told PNC she was excited about the the event.

As First Lady Christine Calvo ended the egg hunt countdown, children and parents took off in a frenzy snatching up as many eggs as they could. The egg hunt was over in a matter of minutes. Evaristo thanks everyone who participated in the event and hopes they come back next year.

“There are so many volunteers,” said Evaristo. “We just want to thank the people of Guam because they are ready to share their time in helping us out and also, the people that came out today. We’re just lucky to have them enjoy it and it’s for free.”

Little Johannah Villagomez and Aliviah Onishi also shared a special message for the island community.

“Happy Easter!” they said.