VIDEO: Incumbents Bordallo, Sablan, Easily Out Fund-Raise Opponents


Washington D.C. –  Campaign cash isn’t always the winning ticket when it comes to elections, but judging by the mountains of money candidates raise each election cycle, there seems to be no better way to get their message across in print and electronic media.

Guam Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo raised nearly $166-thousand in the 2011-’12 election cycle through mid-August, with all but 31-hundred coming from individuals.

The difference came from political action committees.

HEAR Matt Kaye’s report HERE>>>10-10 bordallocampaigncash.mp3

She had no campaign loans, but spent over $202-thousand, according to her latest filings with the federal election commission. That put the Congresswoman in the minus column in cash on hand, despite starting the 2-year cycle flush with cash. But the final numbers in the run-up to the November election won’t be in for another week.

Meantime, Guam republican Senator Frank Blas raised just over $46-thousand, nearly all from individuals, and $500-dollars from PACSs, spent $43-thousand through mid-August, and had $32-hundred in his campaign war chest.

CNMI independent Congressman Greg ‘Kilili’ Sablan raised over $85-thousand dollars and spent $29-thousand through the second quarter this year, according to his latest filings with the federal election commission.

$57-thousand came from individuals, nearly $28-thousand from political action committees, including those of democratic members and allied groups and $553-dollars from other sources.

Sablan still had more than $81-thousand in cash on hand and no campaign debts.

His opponent, republican Ignacia Tudela Demapan had no reported receipts, spending, cash on hand or debts in the second quarter…though final quarterly filings aren’t due for another week.