VIDEO: Initiative Hopes to Brand Conservation Efforts on Guam


Guam – There is a new initiative being spearheaded as part of the Micronesia Challenge to make it more recognizable on Guam and in the Micronesia region.

On Guam, the movement is called the Tana Mao’lek Mo’na, which means Making Guam Better. Dan Ho, President of Dan Ho Kumpania, is leading the initiative, and today he spoke about it to members of the Guam Hotel and Restaurant Association at their monthly membership meeting.

The Micronesia Challenge is an intergovernmental movement that promotes effective conservation of marine and forest resources in Micronesia.

“On Guam, it’s articulated itself as ‘mao’lek’ and here it’s really about unifying all the great conservation movement that are currently going on that are in the pipeline in a way that de-mystifies it for people. Ultimately we want mao’lek to become a meme. When you hear mao’lek you know what it stands for and it can stand for anything that’s going on in conservation in Guam,” explains Ho.

To learn more about this initiative, log on to the Micronesia Challenge website at

Also at today’s GHRA meeting, two new members were introduced … Applebee’s Guam and Konstrak Builders. A popular franchise of restaurants across the US, Applebee’s is slated to open on Guam, but no date has been set.