VIDEO: Isla Center for the Arts Presents UOG Fine Arts Faculty Biennial


Guam – The Isla Center for the Arts presents the UOG Fine Arts Faculty Biennial, an exhibit of recent works created by the Fine Arts members at the University of Guam.


The UOG Faculty Biennial features paintings, ceramic vessels, metal sculptures and photographes produced by art professors at the University, showcasing two years work of research. 

The exhibit introduced a new concept to the biennial where an Emeritus Professor would submit a piece or two to be showcased. Robert Sajnovsky, Professor Emeritus of Art, is the first to start the tradition. “My artwork is an interesting interative piece. It’s a mixed media piece, it’s part blockprint, part acrylic painting and it’s titled What Do you See? When you look at the work, a lot of people see what they want to see but it’s necessarily what is there,” said Sajnovsky.

Very honored to be the first to start the tradition, Sajnovsky added, “I would invite everyone to come up and look at the show here to see what the faculty at the University of Guam are producing. They are artists, teachers and professors but they continue to make their art and put it on display for them. Also a lot of the artworks are for sale so if you’re still looking for a Christmas present, that’s a good idea!” 

Among the featured artists are full-time professor Ric Castro, showcasing many of his nature paintings that he says are secret hidden treasures found all over the island such as freshwater streams, rivers and ponds.

“I think this visit is pretty exciting. One for the diverse number of syles you see here, really cutting edge stuff. It is required that we produce every two years a new body of work. These are pieces that have never been seen by the general public so it’s always new and fresh to showcase to the general public and the island. Also to promote our program to show our students what it’s like to exhibit in a gallery setting, how to present yourself professionally as an artist. It also motivates them and gives them more incentive to things to look forward to when they graduate,” said Castro. 


New Adjunct Intructor Lindsay Kane’s work of art is a whole wall featuring print making. “These are all linolium carving and then four silk screens which are all facets of print making that I printed 100 of times on rice paper. I cut them out and then I made wheat paste and pasted them directly on the wall and use paint markers to add shadows and outlines,” said Kane.


The UOG Fine Arts Faculty Biennial will be on display until February 7th. The Isla Center for the Arts is open to the public, free of charge, Monday through Friday from 10 AM to 5 PM and Saturdays from 10 AM to 2 PM.