VIDEO: Island Residents Speak Out About Bill #19 on Governor’s FaceBook Page


Guam – Governor Eddie Calvo asked for it, and he’s getting it. He appealed to island residents to share their thoughts on the controversial gaming machine tax bill.

“Let your voices be heard,” wrote the Governor on his Facebook page. “Share your thoughts on Bill 19.”

The controversial measure would tax the equally controversial gaming machines to raise funds to build an Urgent Care Center at Guam Memorial Hospital and help pay for some ongoing expenses at GMH too.

As of  Wedensday afternoon there were 55 comments, and counting.

“Don’t sign garbage,” writes someone calling themselves Bobh Kennels. “Send it back .. make them clean it up.”

Dr. Tom Shieh weighed in writing that Bill #19 “does not fund GMH like it was supposed to .. funding of an Urgent Care Facility is not a priority … this is just an increase in operational costs.”

Tomas Fejeran is among the few supporting the legislation. “Please sign it,” he writes. “For those who do not like gambling, it is very simple . Do not gamble.”

“Veto, Veto, Veto,” writes Benjamin Leon Guerrero II.

“Please don’t take our cock-fighting away,” is the comment from Joey Pangelinan.

And the anti-gambling group “Keep Guam Good,” criticises Bill #19 saying it was “hurriedly put together .. and does scant little to help the hospital .. while opening up a Pandora’s box of confusion and uncertainty regarding legalized gambling … it is a badly written bill that should be vetoed.”

“We allow cockfighting,” wrote AAnthony Cruz. “Its hypocrisy at its finest. I say ban it all, or legalize it all.”

And some sympathetic advice from Orion-Julie Mendiola who wrote “You can’t please everyone Governor .. do what you think is right for the greater good of our island. You have a tough call to make…”

The Governor’s office Wednesday said the bill remains under review and the Governor has not yet taken any action on it,  although last week he said he was inclined to sign it.