VIDEO: JAL’s Plans to Train Pilots Here Will Bring New Revenues to Guam International Airport


Guam – Japan Airlines will open a full flight crew and pilot training center at the A.B. Won Pat Guam International Airport Authority.

Essentially JAL will base their flight crew training operations on Guam. Guam’s airport provides JAL with a safe and secure environment in an international airport that has fully certified runways and facilities that are in conformance with FAA standards. 

Guam’s airport is also less congested than other airports. JAL director of airport operations Robert Navarro and Vice-President and regional director Yoshihiko Kamayama explain that after suspending this training program for a couple of years they have revived the program and have selected Guam as the place to do it. “We suspended the training program between 2010 and 2013 and we revitalized this training program and Guam was selected as a training station for Japan Airlines,” said Navarro. 

“We looked to a lot of airports for training and finally we found Guam airport as most suitable airport in the world for japan pilots training,” said Kamayama.

 Air terminal manager Gerard E. Bautista says that this training program will allow them to conduct close to 100 touch and goes here on Guam. JAL cadet pilots will be trained to operate the B737-800 and the B767-300.

They will remain on Guam for ten day training periods each month. GIAA terminal manager Gerard Bautista says this program will last for two years bringing added business to the island’s hotels and restaurants and a new revenue stream to the airport. “A lot of benefits for Guam.  

It’s a new business aviation here for jet aircraft training compared to the Cesna pilot training programs that they used to have on Guam. So this is a new exciting business,” said Bautista. The training will be conducted during non-peak hours.