VIDEO: Japan Airlines Launches Pilot Training Program on Guam


Guam – Japan Airlines launched their full pilot training program in the Guam International Airport Monday morning. 

The first batch of Japanese cadet pilots and captains established the opening of the full flight crew training center on Guam. As part of their training, the cadets practiced the “touch and go” procedure, where they would take off and land the airplanes multiple times.  

Japan Airline (JAL) Vice President Yoshihiko Kamayama explains that this was a big project for the airlines and is grateful for the opportunity. “It is a strategic move for JAL to base our flight crew training operations on Guam. With today’s competitive airline environment, we are able to conduct quality training on fully certified runways and facilities, in conformance to FAA and ICAO standards, at low cost,” Kamayama said. 

Compared to the high costs of training and airports with heavy traffic in Japan, Guam is a more ideal place for the trainings.

Both Guam and JAL benefit from the operation. 

Guam International Airport Authority Executive Manager Chuck Ada said, “We would like to extend our gratitude to JAL. We’re extremely honored to strengthen our partnership with this program and we’re hopeful that it increases and extends to the other airlines. We wish JAL success and we’re here to support in every step of the way”.  Ada said that besides the airport, fuel handler and ground handling operations, housing and hotel accomodations, restaurants, and other service providers the flight crew and instructors will utilize will also gain revenue. 

Lieutenant Governor Ray Tenorio also recognizes JAL for their contribution to Guam by presenting the Governor’s Award to Captain Yada Masahiko, Captain Nishikawa Ryu, Captain Toshimitu Kazuto, Cadet Pilot Manabe Yoichi and Cadet Pilot Yamazaki Shuichi. 

“On behalf of Governor Eddie Calvo and all the people of Guam, we want to thank you for choosing Guam to be your training institution for many months and years ahead. We hope this will enrich their [the cadets and captains of JAL] experience and also provide the airport with additional revenues and tourism from Japan and other destinations,” the Lieutenant Governor said. 

The JAL cadet pilots will be having ten-day training every month for the next three to give years in order to get their pilot certification. They are also being trained to operate two of JAL’s fleet models: B737-800 and B767-300.