VIDEO: JFK Juniors Oppose Transfer to Tiyan High, Superintendent Announces Out-of-District Policy


Guam – In a display of school spirit and class pride about a hundred John F Kennedy High School Juniors participated in a rally outside the campus after school today.


The students were rallying to ask the Department of Education to reconsider its redistricting policy, so that juniors at the school won’t be transferred to a new campus next school year.

DOE is opening a new high school in Tiyan, and will draw students from JFK and other high school campuses to reduced overcrowding at those schools.

Class spokesman Samuel Tom says the junior class was the first class to experience the new JFK campus as freshmen, and they’d like to spend their senior year together there as well.

“During these past three years we’ve grown together so we’re no longer just classmates we’re no longer just friends,” Tom said. We like to call each other family now… and now our family is going to be torn apart because of the redistricting.”

Superintendent Jon Fernandez came out to the wave today, to talk with the students about the redistricting plans.

He told them that today school principals received information on a new policy that will allow some students to attend their current high schools out of district.

During an interview with PNC earlier in the day Fernandez explained that students can apply for out of district slots and principals will be able prioritize that placement based on participation in programs not offered at the Tiyan campus and other criteria.