VIDEO: Judge Bordallo Rules in Favor of Wise Owl Veterinarian Dr. Joseph


Guam – Superior Court Judge Michael Bordallo has issued a decision on the WiseOwl case, ruling in favor of veterinarian Dr. Joel Joseph. Judge Bordallo has ordered to void the Allied Health Board’s decision to suspend Dr. Joseph’s license made a year ago, essentially reversing it. “This is, what, the sixth, seventh time the same decisions come down. These people are violating the laws of Guam,” Joseph laments.

Bordallo, in a decision he issued June 19 on the Wise Owl matter, says the Guam Board of Allied Health Examiners failed to provide adequate notice for its disciplinary hearings. Therefore, the judge ordered, its June 13, 2012 decision to suspend Dr. Joseph’s veterinary license was improperly made.

The decision stems from a suit filed by Dr. Joseph asking the court to intervene after he refused to abide by the allied health board’s order and after the board then refused to renew his veterinary license. But Dr. Joseph believes it’s only becoming more evident that he has not violated any laws and, as he points out, it’s the board that’s abusing its power.

“We have been following the law, we have … keep proving that we’re following the law. It’s the government here that is not following the law and this is the money that should be going to our children, to our debts,” says Joseph.

Judge Bordallo notes in his order that the board did in fact fail to provide a 48-hour public notice as required by the Open Government Law, and that they conducted business on at least six occasions without proper notice. In fact, Judge Bordallo says, the Allied Health Board itself admits it failed to do so.

Read Judge Bordallo’s Decision HERE.

“The board did not respond or even state that they violated the law. They didn’t care, they didn’t offer any proof. These people do not care that they are violating the law,” he exclaims.

Meanwhile, Joseph says its business as usual at Wise Owl Animal Hospital. But, the veterinarian is not completely out of the woods. He still has two more court decisions that he’s waiting on which are partially related to the court case Judge Bordallo just ruled on.

“The next step is we’re expecting two more court decisions within the month and we believe that they are partially based on this decision and we believe that all those decisions are coming in our favor. And we think when the final tally is done there’s probably over $3 million of taxpayer money spent trying to destroy me. We have five judges and total of something like 11 or 12 court cases. Isn’t it time that these people were made to pay for their illegal activities?” Joseph states.