VIDEO: Judiciary Asks Lawmakers to Support Bill Funding Pay Raises for Their Law Enforcement Officers


Guam – A public hearing was held on a number of bills today including bill 244 which would withold tax colelctions to make appropriations to the judiciary for law enforcement salary increase implementation.



Chief Justice Phillip Carbullido says that this bill should be supported in order to pay out the raises that the legislature gave to law enforcment personelle in 2009. The increments were supposed to happen over a course of four years but there has been a lack of funding to give the law enforcement personnel of the judiciary.

Chief Justice Carbullido says that they have been able to pay their law enforcement officers back pay for 2009 to 2012 but have not been able to pay them for 2013.

“The Governor has announced that all the law enforcement officers of the executive branch are to be fully paid and he has made a down payment towards the arrears and he intends to make full payment as I understand it towards the end of the fiscal year. In addition he has fully implemented the forty percent so I did not feel that we can continue the disparity in terms of the full forty percent implementation.

All we’re asking before this committee is for parity for equality and to carry out the mandate of this legislature,” said Carbullido. Lawmakers also discussed bill 203 which would offer incentives for the purchase of plug-in electric vehicles and the nomination of Dr. Marilyn Salas to the Guam Historic Preservation review board.