VIDEO: Key Players in GovGuam and Private Sector Train to Prevent Cyber Attacks


Guam – More than 50 emergency responders from throughout GovGuam joined employees from the private sector today at Civil Defense headquarters for cyber-security training.


The training is being conducted by “TEEX”, which stands for Texas Engineering Extension University.

Trainer Natalie Selin explained that the computer networks that control vitial public infrastructure like power and water systems are vulnerable. And the aim of the training is to help employees recognize and combat cyber attacks.

sound bite: natalie sjelin // teex training co-coordinator 20 sec

in: 18:39″the goal of the training is to provide …”

out: 18:59″..protect themselves.”

Selin said that the first, and best step you should take to protect your computer network is to get virus protection. The training wraps up Wednesday.