VIDEO: Las Vegas Defense Attorney May Conduct Investigation on Guam in Paet Murder Case


Guam – Defense Attorneys for the Las Vegas murder-for-hire case that left Guam native Nathan Paet dead in December 2010 may visit Guam in preparation for trial. The trials for all four defendants were supposed to start this May, but a Las Vegas judge agreed to reschedule it to next year because of a discrepancy in a psychological evaluation.


The trial for Michelle Chaco Paet has been delayed once again. It was originally scheduled for November 2011, nearly a year after her husband, Staff Sgt. Nathan Paet, was murdered in Las Vegas, NV.

In a bizarre love triangle, Michelle Paet is accused of hiring her lover, Michael Rodriguez, to kill her husband. The motive, prosecutors say, was $650,000 in life insurance benefits. To give Paet’s defense attorney time to investigate, the trial was delayed to May 2013. Now it’s Rodriguez’s attorney who’s asked to postpone the trial. Deputy Special Public Defender Alzora Jackson tells PNC that the reason for the delay is because of an improper psych evaluation.

“The defense team began a comprehensive review of the case for trial readiness. The primary neuropsychologist assigned to the case was contacted and discovered that the testing of the defendant was invalid. The testing took place in administrative segregation. Defendant came to the session in shackles and restraints which apparently interfered with the valid readings from the testing. So that was the basis for the continuance,” explains Jackson.

When asked why Rodriguez was undergoing a psychological test, Jackson declined to comment. However, Jackson says she and a team of attorneys on the case may come to Guam to conduct a special investigation. Rodriguez and another man, Corry Hawkins are accused of gunning down Nathan Paet to death on December 1st, 2010. Prosecutors believe Paet’s wife, Michelle, hired Rodriguez, an ex-felon to kill her husband. Rodriguez, says prosecutors, then contacted Hawkins, also an ex-felon, to help him finish the job. A fourth defendant, Jessica Austin, is believed to have helped conceal evidence tied to Paet’s murder. 36

“We are a county agency and we have to consider–sadly we wanna do a level best for our clients but it’s a fiscally responsible time, we have to justify it and so we are. You know it’s on the radar, it’s out there,” Jackson says with regards to visiting Guam for an investigation.

Paet’s trial was postponed to March 3, 2014 while trial for Rodriguez is set for April 21st, 2014. Next is Hawkins on May 12, 2014; And Austin’s is on June 30th, 2014.