VIDEO: Lasik Surgery Now Available on Guam


Guam – You no longer have to go off-island for Lasik eye surgery as it is now available on Guam. Island Eye Specialists have begun offering the corrective eye surgery.

Dr. Charles flowers is a Lasik surgeon who’s been practicing for about 18 years. He’s a former professor at the Charles Drew/UCLA school of medicine who also had a private practice in San Diego. After two years of planning Dr. Flowers began offering Lasik eye surgery on Guam in February. Lasik surgery uses a special laser that corrects near sightedness far sightedness and astigmatism.


The laser reshapes the cornea in order to allow the eye to focus properly. Surgery takes only about 20 minutes and it takes about 24 hours to recover up to 90 percent and a few weeks thereafter to recover fully. Dr. flowers promises the very best in technology in fact today he was having some brand new software installed to improve his equipment even further.

“We recognize that we wanted to bring to Guam state of the art technology so the laser the technology we’re using here is the same technology that we’re using in San Diego exact same maybe actually a little bit better believe it or not, but the bottom line is we wanted to make sure that we’re delivering the same level standard and quality of care that they would get in the mainland or anywhere else in the world,” said Dr. Flowers.

Dr. Flowers says they offer an affordable alternative in fact they offer financing through various banks on island that would allow people to make payments as low as 40 or 50 dollars a paycheck. The island eye specialists are located on the second floor of the Baltej plaza in Tamuning. The first consultation is free.