VIDEO: Last Sunday’s Deaths Mark 3rd Chinese Couple Killed in Saipan Since ’95; Eleven Chinese Homicides in All & All Unsolved


Saipan – The two Chinese farmers whose charred bodies were found among the ruins of their burned house in As Gonno are the 10th and 11th Chinese homicide victims that so far remain unsolved since 1995.

The Department of Public Safety also said Guo Huang Xu and his wife, Qing Xiu Zheng, are also the third Chinese couple to be the victims of homicide on Saipan the past 19 years.

According to police and Saipan Tribune records, a Chinese couple were murdered in their house in San Vicente in December 2012, while the bodies of a murdered Chinese couple were separately found in Kagman 3 in March 1995.

Police have classified the death of Guo and Qing as a double homicide. The two reportedly died due to asphyxiation from soot and carbon monoxide inhalation as a result of the fire that razed their house to the ground in As Gonno Sunday night.