VIDEO: Lawmakers Discuss Resolution Urging U.S. to Place Permanent THAAD and Patriot Missile Defense on Guam


Guam – Lawmakers continued discussing various bills during day 4 of session. Several bills were discussed and moved to the third reading file including bill 225 which would fund the renovation or construction of a new Simon Sanchez highshool.



 Senators also discussed Resolution 186 introduced by Senator Frank Aguon Jr. requesting that the United States permanently station a Terminal High Altitude Area Defense or THAAD missile system and a patriot missile defense system on guam for the protection of Guam and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.  

This afternoon lawmakers also discussed Senator Brant MCreadie’s Resolution 234 which supports Guam’s application for membership in the Western Interstate Commission for higher education.

“My intention is to just give an opporunity to students who have made their mind up to go off-island for education I believe that and I thank the University of Guam and GCC for their excelence in sustaining higher education and for allowing our students to have a higher education I may end up sending my sign to University of Guam all three of my sons and my daughter if that’s what they choose.

This is just an option in case students when they graduate from highschool decide to go off-island and get an education and their parents might not be able to afford the full tuition,” Senator McCreadie.