VIDEO: Bill 488 Makes Room for Jonathan Diaz on the Primary Ballot


Guam – In a hastily called Special Session Monday afternoon, Guam lawmakers unanimously passed a measure that will allow the Guam Election Commission [GEC] to reconfigure its primary election ballot in order to make room for independent candidates.

Bill 488 was approved by a vote of  11-0, with 4 excused absences.

READ Bill 488 HERE

If the Governor signs the measure into law, the Guam Election Commission will be able to place independent Delegate candidate Jonathan Diaz on the Primary Election ballot.

The last minute session was called by Speaker Won Pat after the GEC board ruled Saturday that the current law did not specify where on the ballot an independent candidate would be placed.

Position of  DEMOCRAT Candidates on PRIMARY  BALLOT:

              Guam Delegate

1. Madeleine Bordallo       Incumbent
2. Karlo Dizon


               Guam Legislature
1.  Won Pat, Judith T. Perez    Incumbent

2.  Pangelinan, Vicente C.       Incumbent

3.  Guthertz, Judith P.               Incumbent

4. Naholowaa, Leah Beth

5.  Ada, Thomas C.                  Incumbent

6.  Gumataotao, Gary W.F.

7.  Rodriguez Jr., Dennis G.     Incumbent

8.  Aguon, Frank B. Jr

9.  San Agustin, Joe S.

10. Palacios Sr., Adolpho B.    Incumbent

11. Cruz, Benjamin J.F.             Incumbent

12.Toves, Benedicto Cruz

13. San Nicolas, Michael F.Q.

14. Respicio, Rory J.              Incumbent

15. Muna Barnes, Tina Rose  Incumbent

Position of REPUBLICAN Candidates on PRIMARY  BALLOT:

Guam Delegate

* Frank Blas Jr.  – unopposed


      Guam Legislature

1.   Aquiningoc, Antonio

2.   Atalig Jr., Javier M.

3.   Servino, Jose “Joe” Santos

4.   Cotton, Elmore (Moe)

5.   Mabini, Shirley “Sam”      Incumbent

6.   Morrison, “Tommy” A.

7.   Taijeron, Mana Silva        Incumbent

8.   Taitano, Michelle Hope

9.   McCreadie, Brant

10. Yamashita, Aline A.         Incumbent

11. Ada, V. Anthony “Tony”   Incumbent

12. Mendiola, Adonis J.

13. Duenas, Christopher M.   Incumbent

14. Sarmiento, William Q.

15. Limtiaco, Michael T.

16. Blas, Roland R.