VIDEO: Laxamana Posts $100K Bail, 2 Other “Blue House” Officers Still in Jail After Judge Rejects Bid to Lower Bail


Guam – Late Friday afternoon, GPD Officer Mario Laxamana was able to post the $100-thousand dollar bail required by the Court in the Blue House case. Laxamana however will remain under “House Arrest” even though he has been released from prison.

However,  2 other GPD officers remain in jail, unable to meet their bails after Judge Anita Sukola Friday morning rejected a bid to lower the amounts so the men could be released. Bail for Officers David Manila and Anthony Quenga remains at $250,000, each.

All 3 officers are facing charges various charges in connection with the forced prostitution that occurred at the now closed Blue House Lounge.

The attorneys for each of the 3 Officers had filed motions Wednesday for bail modifications arguing that their clients should be released on personal recognizance, to third party custodians or be placed only under house arrest.


But Judge Sukola expressed concerns for the Blue House victims and the potential danger the officers may pose against them.

The officers are accused of conspiracy to commit prostitution, among other charges. Quenga and Manila are also charged with criminal sexual conduct.

Song Ja Cha, the owner of the now closed Blue House Bar still has not entered a plea. The court still has not provided her a Korean interpreter. Cha was sentenced in September 2012 to life in prison in Federal court. She was convicted of luring young women from Chuuk to Guam with promises of legitimate jobs only to be forced into prostitution.