VIDEO: Legislative Employee Says 2 Homeless Men Assaulted Him With a Pipe Outside the Legislature


Guam – Two homeless men assaulted an employee of the Guam legislature this morning sending him to the hospital.

According to the legislature’s Executive Director Vince Arriola one of their employees who works in the maintenance department arrived to work this morning at about 6:15 at the legislature’s offices in Hagatna. 

The employee encountered two drunk homeless men sleeping on the benches outside of the legislature with a bottle of liquor laying nearby. Arriola says their employee then asked the two men to leave but they refused and became aggressive resulting in a scuffle. 



“They were throwing rocks at him so he had to run out and the scuffle ensued outside the road out there and I think as he was scuffling with one of the guys another guy took out a pipe and started hitting him all over his body and eventually he cracked his face right here and on or about that time another individual from the legislature came by to report to work as well and the two homeless folks took off they ran. But we’ve been having this problem not just at the legislature but all throughout Hagatna. You know, trash vandalism, we’ve tried to do as much as we can to combat the problem here but it’s pretty difficult,” said Arriola.

The employee suffered a laceration on his head that required stitches. He was treated at GMH and released. Arriola says a police report was filed and the two suspects have been described only as being descended from one of the islands in the Freely Associated States.