VIDEO: Legislature Will Take Up FY 2015 Budget During Session that Begins TUESDAY


Guam-The legislature will go into session tomorrow afternoon at 2pm to begin discussions on the FY 2015 budget.

After the passing of the late Senator Ben Pangelinan, Vice-Speaker B.J. Cruz has taken over the budget committee. Cruz says that the Office of Finance and Budget have put together a balanced budget. 

He says the budget is a little bit different from Governor Calvo’s submission but it’s not a significant departure from the executive budget request. Some of the changes are with the projected revenues. Senator Cruz’s budget predicts less revenues than Governor Calvo’s budget. 

“It’s fairly close to the Governor’s, couple of a million dollars less but still. The bill manages to provide all the agencies with their competitive wage Hay adjustments and the law enforcement for all the law enforcement agencies. We’ve managed to cover just about everything. Most agencies received an increase not only for the Hay but a number of the agencies, we’ve managed to address public safety as a priority, health as a priority and also provide more to education than what the Governor had recommended but still within that budget ceiling,” said Vice-Speaker Cruz. 

The Vice-Speaker says his budget bill will likely be released and uploaded to the legislature’s website by tomorrow morning.