VIDEO: Local & Federal Officials Take 2 Day Course to Learn Enhanced Threat & Risk Assessment


Guam- Guam Homeland Security, the Office of Civil Defense and the Texas Engineering Extension Service have teamed up to host an enhanced threat and risk assessment course today [Thursday] and tomorrow.

TEEX Training Specialist Joe Couch says the course is presented all over the country to help first responders and other agencies identify possible threats and hazards.

He mentions they bring in officials from the federal, state and local governments and the private sector to identify potential problems and mitigate them. Couch emphasizes you cannot wait until something occurs. He describes the team activity they were conducting this morning to understand the risk management process.

“Right now they’re broken up into teams because they’re working on identifying vulnerabilities at certain locations,” said Couch. “They’re actually going to be going out tomorrow to certain sites we’ve selected and conducting a little mini assessment. So right now they’re putting all the pre-work into it and identifying possible threats as a pre-visit before actually going out.”

The course is a one time shot but couch says more courses will be scheduled as a follow up in the near future.