VIDEO: Lot’s of New, Old, and Current Faces Running For Office in 2014.


Guam – Yesterday was the deadline to file for candidacy. tonight pnc takes a look at who all will be running for public office. we’ll give a break down of the incumbents, the new comers and some big name former public officials.



 Although there are only two Gubernatorial teams to choose from a lot of other candidates will be running for other offices in the 2014 election. Now that the deadline has passed to file candidacy let’s take a look at who will the candidates are.


For Governor and Lt. Governor Republican incubments Eddie Baza Calvo and Ray Tenorio will be running against the Democratic team of former Governor Carl Gutierrez and Attorney Gary Gumataotao.

 For the delegates seat in Washington Democrat Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo will be running against newcomer Democrat Matt Artero in the primary and whoever advances to the general election will face newcomer Republican Margaret McDonald Glover Metcalfe.

 Attorney General Lenny Rapadas will have an opponent as well. Former Judge Elizabeth Barret Anderson is running for the A.G.’s office.

 However it is the legislative race could prove to be one of the most competitive in recent elections. There is a total of 29 candidates running for 15 seats and it’s a mixture of incumbents new candidates and former senators. The incumbent Democrats running for re-election are: Rory Respicio, Dennis Rodriguez Jr. Tom Ada, Frank Aguon Jr., Mike San Nicolas, Tina Muna Barnes, Judi Won Pat, and B.J. Cruz.

 The incubment Republicans running for re-election are Tommy Morrison, Aline Yamashita, Chris Duenas, Brant McCreadie and Tony Ada. There are two incumbents who will not be running for re-election Democrat Ben Pangelinan and Republican Mike Limtiaco.

 Then there are candidates who have run before namely Republicans Roland Blas, Adonis Mendiola, and Michellle Taitano. There are quite a few newcomers. The Republicans have newcomeres Glen Leon Guerrero, Mary Camacho, Wil Castro, Felix Benevente, Valentino Perez and Romeo Carlos. The Democrat newcomers are Rodney Cruz, Frank Taitano Ungacta, Nerissa Underwood, and Derrick Baza Hills.

 However what might be the most surprising to many is the number of former senators running. The Democrats have Judi Guthertz, Hope Cristobal and Adolpho Palacios. The Republicans have Jim Espaldon and Frank Blas Jr.

 Although all of these candidates met the deadline to file this list of candidates could change if they haven’t garnered enough signatures to run for office or if they are disqualified for other reasons. ultimately the Guam Election Commission will have to certify each candidate as eligible to run for office.

The candidates in each category were listed according to who filed first.