VIDEO: Lujan’s Junkyard Has Been Cited For Illegal Dump Before


Guam – While the owners of the illegal dump in the Lujan’s salvage yard and towing facility in Toto have been issued a notice of violation by the Guam EPA, PNC has discovered that this isn’t the first time they have been cited for the same thing.

“I know that they have been operating there and had been issued a prior notice of violation (NOV) and they had done some cleanup in that area however they did not submit neither did they get a valid permit to continue to operate the facility as a dump site,” said Guam EPA Administrator Ivan Quinata.

READ Guam EPA’s  Dump Site Report to the District Court

The GEPA Administrator says the NOV was issued several years ago somewhere between 2004 and 2005. After the NOV they cleaned up a bit but have since resumed operating the dump site without a permit. Guam EPA investigators found that the Lujan’s salvage yard and towing facility were, storing, collecting, and processing solid wastes like automobiles and other debris. They also found about 101 fifty-five gallon drums of oil and unknown contents and various containers of paint related materials and sealants. So how big is this dump? “Somewhere in the neighborhood of 2 hundred by 3 or 4 hundred feet and possibly from sixty to eighty feet deep in the ravine,” said Quinata.

Now that they have been issued the notice of violation or NOV the owners of the Lujan junkyard will have to respond to the NOV. “They have fifteen…fourteen days…you know fifteen days after receipt of that notice of violation and that should be coming up towards the end of this week,” said Quinata.

The NOV was issued on June 28th which should give them until the 13th to respond but if they don’t respond Quinata says, “What we will do then is submit to the attorney general to basically carry out the notice of violation requirements which is to go in and file a court order against the company.”

If the company doesn’t comply one of the potential remedies is to fine the company for non compliance. In order to comply the company has to present to Guam EPA a listing of the types of waste they have at the site and then their proposed means for cleaning it. they will also have to prove to Guam EPA what they have in their drums which may mean hiring a company to test the materials inside.