VIDEO: Marianas Variety to Publish 7 Days a Week Effective Saturday


Guam – After years of planning and a strong public demand, local newspaper Marianas Variety will now be going seven days a week starting this weekend.

Guam Publisher Amier Younis says he’s extremely excited to be able to serve the people of Guam daily starting this year as it also coincides with Variety’s 10 year anniversary on Guam.

The first weekend edition is set to come out this Saturday, May 24th. For their Sunday edition, Younis says it’ll be different from the typical Sunday paper. Every Sunday, Younis says Variety will be featuring different artwork on the front page cover that will be designed by locally tapped artists.

The content of the Variety’s Sunday edition will also be uniquely different, says Younis.

“Saturday is gonna be a replica of our Monday to Friday paper, so it’s the same type of coverage, the same type of focus. We’re adding some content,” he explains. “The Sunday paper is gonna be entirely different. It’s gonna focus a lot more on the arts and culture and also the positive things that are happening in our community. We view it as the start of the week. And so our approach to Sunday is to say let’s get people started in the right direction.”

Also, one of the featured columnists in Variety’s Sunday edition is PNC Reporter and News Anchor Janela Carrera. Her column will focus on the latest fashion and beauty trends.

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