VIDEO: Mass Held for Chaguian Victims on Anniversary of Day Massacre Was Discovered


Guam – Although there was a memorial service for the victims of the WWII Chaguian Masacre last month today for the first time a mass and ceremony was held on the actual anniversary date of the discovery of the massacre.

Mass for these men was celebrated this morning (Thursday) at the site where they were massacred in Chaguian Yigo. During World WarII Chamorros were forced into a concentration camp in the center of the island in Manengon, Yona.

However, as the Americans began to take control of the island a group of Japanese soldiers took a group of 45 Chamorro men from Manengon up to the village of Yigo were they were ultimately decapitated.

“These were the men really big Chamorros you know really healthy people who were able to carry the implements of war they were not able to carry any kind of beast of burdens so they will ask people to carry with them they can do it stealthily right into the forest so that they would not be able to be detected by the invading armed forces,” said Monsignor Brigido Arroyo.

There are still five men from the massacre whose remains have yet to been found. Yigo Mayor Rudy Matanane hopes to have a permanent memorial constructed at the Chaguian site before next years memorial.