VIDEO: Max Havoc Trial Begins Tuesday on Guam


Guam – The Max Havoc trial will begin on Guam tomorrow, Tuesday, in Superior Court Judge Michael Bordallo’s courtroom.

Max Havoc, “Curse of the Dragon” is the name of a movie filmed on Guam that flopped after having a loan guaranteed by the Guam Economic Development Authority. The film’s producer John Liang failed to pay the loan and GEDA was stuck holding the bag.

Max Havoc producer John Liang and his company Guam Motion Pictures will be in trial tomorrow for the lawsuit filed by the Guam Economic Development Authority. GEDA administrator Karl Pangelinan explains.

“It really boils down to a breach of contract so back in 2004 GEDA approved a loan or guaranteed a loan of 800 thousand dollars for the development and the production of this motion picture. You know there were some promises that were made in terms of the publicity that Guam would receive and there was also this notion that there would be the creation of a movie industry a film industry here on Guam,” said Pangelinan adding, “As we all know the movie flopped and we haven’t gotten any payments on this loan balance.” There was no creation of a film industry on Guam instead GEDA had to pay off the full guarantee on the loan some $800 thousand dollars.

GEDA then prepared to file a lawsuit against the film’s producer John Liang but Liang struck first filing a suit of his own against GEDA in a California court. “The case was dismissed it was dismissed on a technicality in GEDA’s favor and so we kinda had to wait for that to be put to bed and so that case is off our hands and has been dismissed we can proceed now with the Guam side of the hearings,” said Pangelinan.

Now the case can be heard on Guam in Judge Michael Bordallo’s courtroom. Liang is being represented on Guam by the Civille and Tang law firm. “My board decided since a reasonable settlement amount wasn’t reached that we’ve come this far on this case and we might as well just take it all the way and put it in the hands of the courts,” said Pangelinan.

This isn’t it for movies and GEGDA. In fact a recently passed law creates the Guam Film Office. GEDA is hoping this new office will help create a film industry on Guam but this time with the focus on local filmmakers.

PNC left a message at the lawfirm of Civille & Tang but our call was not returned.