VIDEO: Mayor’s Council & DPR Still At Odds Over Tiyan Property But Both Say They Will Work Things Out


Guam – The Mayor’s Council of Guam and the Department of Parks and Recreation are still at odds over how much money the mayors owe DPR for the use of Tiyan property for the liberation carnival grounds. However, both say they are willing to iron out their differences and use the Tiyan property as the site for this year’s carnival.



The Department of Parks and Recreation has said that the Mayors Council of Guam owes them $58 thousand dollars for the use of Tiyan property as it’s liberation carnival grounds. “Where they got the figure of $58 thousand dollars I really do not know. I mean there was no figure of $58 thousand in the beginning it only came out in November way after the liberation festivities have been over,” said Mayors Council Executive Director Angel Sablan.


 “Our initial agreement was for 20 thousand which we would actually forego and at the request of a tractor mower to replace it,” said DPR Director Pete Calvo adding, “The $58 thousand was to essentially get them back to the table and re-enforce the fact that all we want is a tractor mower through our fees and charges that we are authorized to charge we can charge for the space and the event within the parks and given that the park was used for four months plus and additional month for the Barrigada fiesta.” Calvo says the point they were trying to make is that they could’ve charged the mayors council for five straight months of usage which would’ve amounted to $58 thousand dollars. instead all they really want is a tractor mower.

 However, Sablan says they weren’t able to purchase the tractor mower because they spent too much money prepping the carnival grounds. “What we did was pay for feeding the DOC that was cleaning up we paid for the dump truck and backhoes that we used for several weeks to clear up the facility the grounds we brought in the water lines which they didn’t have and the power lines that we need to use for the carnival and the festivities all in all like I said we spent money to get it ready it wasn’t like it was move in ready and use the property we had to spend money to be able to use the Tiyan facility,” said Sablan.

 Calvo on the other hand had a different take saying, “First of all we have cleared that ourselves we have not only the army national guard that assisted us but also DOC, DOC came in heavy with their bulldozers and cleared most of that area.” Calvo says they cleared the area at an angle that would allow for water to flow to the drainage area. “We brought in a total of 24 loads from DPW which I myself had requested personally by letter by mail to DPW for that support. Rather than using it on the parking lot that we had intended it for they started using it on vendor stall positions my thing is their now building up what we had scraped away to be contour,” said Calvo adding, “With the water and power the telephone pole was already there all they had to do was hook up to it maybe they put in the connections but again it was for them not for us we do that with all of our activities events have to hook up their own power and they have to meter it.” “As far as the water they did put down three quarter inch pipes but immediately removed it after the carnival and so when they removed it they left cuts in the pavement which now we’re responsible for,” added Calvo.

 However despite these differences Sablan says he and the mayors council are willing to get them a tractor mower. “The agreement was that we would try to purchase them a tractor mower and that’s still on the table and 2013 may be the year for parks and recreation to get that,” said Sablan. In fact Sablan says the mauyors still want to hold the carnival at Tiyan. “Actually because we’re confident that we can work with parks and recreation we’re not looking at any other location,” said Sablan.

 Calvo says that he too is willing to sit down with the mayors council and come to an agreement because he too would like to see the carnival return to Tiyan this summer.