VIDEO: Mayors Council Planing October Launch of “Mother of All Night” Markets at Tiyan Carnival Grounds


Guam – The Liberation Carnival grounds may be converted into an International Night Market in the next few months.

Mayors Council Executive Director Angel Sablan says with infrastructure installed, they want to put the area to good use ahead of next year’s carnival. 

He says they met Thursday with over 60 potential vendors interested in utilizing the Tiyan location as a night market.

He also says they are looking at October to open what he calls “the mother of all night markets” on Guam. Sablan notes the area will be run by a non profit organization appointed by the Mayors Council. With no government appropriations needed, he wants the night market to have monthly themes.

“We’re not in competition with anybody or any other night market,” said Sablan. “We just want to give an opportunity for our people to have another choice and our vendors and our business people to have a venue where they can take their new stuff and sell it and have people come around and enjoy. We’re going to have entertainment. It’s not going to be a carnival. It’s going to be a night market.”

Sablan adds the International Night Market may be a new addition to the Liberation Carnival next summer or they may put it on hold until the carnival is over.