VIDEO: Mayor’s Kept Busy as Francisco Passed


Guam – The island’s Mayor’s were busy Thursday night and Friday morning responding to calls from constituents for rides to shelters and minor flooding and damage issues, but nothing major.

In Dededo, Guam’s most populous village,  Mayor Melissa Savares reports she and her staff were up most of the night helping residents with various concerns.

Savares says she and staff members drove around the community to ensure residents were safe.

They did encounter problems with some tree limbs on roadways and there was some minor flooding and ponding in some areas. But only 2 families requested transportation to a shelters.

Hundreds of Dededo residents did seek refuge at the various shelters in the north and Savares says they checked the shelters, but fortunately there were only a few minor issues.

“Last night was pretty slow and quiet. What we did is periodically checking the roadways if there were any trees that are leaning, we took them down. We did have an incident that a tree fell on a house that had a tin roof and our staff immediately responded to that. We only had two families that needed transportation from their houses. When we got the call, working with DPW with transportation, we brought a family to Astumbo Elementary School and another family later on to Maria Ulloa Elementary School” said Mayor Savares.

Mayor Savares also suggested that in the future, that GHURA representatives should also visit the shelters to help families by making them aware of  of the housing services that are available from GHURA.