VIDEO: Mayors Prepare For Flooding, Power & Water Outages


Guam – Although island mayors are still recovering from the last bout of flooding they are already preparing for the worst. in fact most mayors will be operating on a 24 hour schedule as the tropical depression which is located south of Guam is expected to intensify into a tropical storm overnight. mayors are concerned about flooding, power lines getting knocked down by vegetation and overflowing sewage.



 Island mayors are bracing for what should be a very wet and windy night as the tropical depression approaches the island and forecasters expect it to turn into a tropical storm by tomorrow. Inarajan Mayor Doris Lujan is concerned that the residents of her southern village may once again be left without water as heavy rainfall often causes mud or high turbidity that shuts down the Ugum water treatment plant which supplies water to the South. “What I would like is this time around before the storm hits I would like the Guam Waterworks to bring down two water barges one in Malojloj and one in Inarajan if you put one in Malojloj you know Malojloj is as large as Inarajan so we need another water barge in Inarajan probably in front of the church,” said Lujan. The mayor says she is already experiencing flooding in the intersection that turns up towards Inarajan’s middle school and she’s expecting flooding in the Ysrael apartments. She’s also concerned about sewage overflow which resulted in the closing of Inarajan bay a few weeks ago and overhanging vegetation that could knock out power lines. “The power lines most of the trees are interfering with the power lines and we want to avoid that because I don’t want anybody in my community to get hurt you know shocked by the lines you know the lines are sparking,” said Mayor Lujan.


Yigo Mayor Rudy Matanane is also concerned about some of the overhanging vegetation in his village but he’s really concerned about flooding in the Bordallo subdivision and Mataguac areas. “One of the immediate concerns is the flooding that we had in the last downpour of rain we still don’t have time to address that we’re working on it we got some remedies but if the rain should be as bad as the last time you know we’re gonna be running into problems,” said Matanane. The mayor says that his village has already experienced some power outages due to vegetation hitting power lines. “I was called to an emergency where a tree fell down on a power line and two residents were without power because one of the canopies flew and broke the weather head so we’re always concerned about vegetation falling on power lines or houses or whatever which is why I think this preventive maintenance is very important,” said Matanane. The mayor says his office will stay open for 24 hours and he says his residents can call his office anytime if they are in need of assistance during this bad weather.

 Barrigada Mayor June Blas says she began preparing her village early this morning. “We started really early trying to go out already and look at the low lying areas and we started to clean out some debris which are on the roads already and advise the residents within low lying areas to please get out and get in to safety. Our concern is trying to get equipment to go ahead and start cleaning those culverts as well as those drainage which has been a flooding issue in Barrigada you know Barrigada has always been flooded out for many years now,” says Matanane. Mayor Blas is expecting flooding in the areas behind Untalan middle school, behind Besta market, in snake road, in Leyang,. Rt. 8 and Rt.16.