VIDEO: Mayors to Write to Federal Highway Administration to Explain Their Right to Close Routed Roads


Guam- The Mayors Council has decided it will write a letter to the Federal Highway Administration’s Guam representative to explain their views on the law that gives them the power to close routed roads.

The Federal Highway Administration [FHWA] has informed Guam DPW that millions of dollars in federal highway funds for Guam may be at risk because of a recent law that gave the Mayors the power to close routed roads.

The Mayors voted to send a letter to FHWA at their monthly meeting today [Wednesday]. (The meeting was held at the U.S. District Court of Guam in conjunction with Law Week activities).

Vice Mayor Robert Hofmann said no one wants any federal money to be lost. However, he argues there has to be a balance to respect Guam’s customs and traditions, such as the liberation day parade. He believes writing a letter to FHWA Transportation Engineer Richelle Takara will help in clarifying what concerns she has about the matter.

“None of us here, I think, ever want to lose any kind of money” said Hofmann. “But at the same time, we want to have respect for the culture, respect for the traditions and the parades we have in our districts. Those little events that really help us be who are as a Chamorro people. So I think really, a nice letter to Richelle I think would suffice…just saying really what are your concerns about this?”

The Mayors also spoke about the contract extension to manage the Senior Citizen Centers up until September 30. An additional $20 thousand was also given the council to address fire alarm system concerns at the centers.

The Mayors will also receive $500 dollars per center for cleaning supplies.