VIDEO: Mayors Vote Again on H.R. 4402, With the Doors Open; Outcome the Same, Unanimous Support


Guam – The Mayor’s Council of Guam took a re-vote today on Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo’s H.R. 4402.

The outcome was the same. They voted 16 to nothing to support the controversial measure which would allow the Navy and Fish and Wildlife to enter into negotiations over the creation of a “Surface Danger Zone” over part of the Ritdian Wildlife Refugee.

The previous vote was taken behind closed doors following a briefing by JGPO. PNC News,  among others, protested that vote as a violation of the “Open Government Law.”

Mayor’s Council Executive Director Angel Sabalan said the re-vote was taken to put those concerns to rest.

H.R. 4402 was included in the House version of the 2015 NDAA. And that spending bill was approved by the full House and sent to the Senate. The full Senate has yet to act on the measure.