VIDEO: McCreadie Bill Would Allocate the Additional $15M in Section 30 Funds to Pay Remaining 50% Owed to Law Enforcement


Guam – Senator Brant McCreadie has introduced a bill to pay the remaining 50 percent of the salary adjustments for Guam’s law enforcement officers.

The funding would come from the $15 million dollar windfall of additional section 30 money. This is section 30 funding that GovGuam is receiving as a result of the reconciliation performed by the IRS and the Department of Revenue and Taxation. Bill 389 would appropriate $10 million dollars to pay law enforcement personnel. 

This bill is one of the two pieces of legislation that Governor Eddie Calvo announced he would be introducing to utilize this $15 million dollar windfall.  


“It’s long overdue and it’s something I think we owe it to our law enforcement officers we owe it to our community to make sure they’re safe and I think well I hope that this piece of legislation becomes law and we get those things paid,” said Senator McCreadie.

On Wednesday Vice-Speaker B.J. Cruz questioned the need for this bill saying that Governor Eddie Calvo should’ve signed Senator Ben Pangelinan’s bill 309 into law which accomplishes the same thing.