VIDEO: McCreadie Presenting “Certificates of Appreciation” to Island Law Enforcement Agencies to Help Boost Morale


Guam – Senator Brant McCreadie launched a two-day island-wide  “Tour of Appreciation” to all the GovGuam law enforcement agencies. 

First stop was the Port of Guam where the Senator presented a “Certificate of Appreciation” to Port police officers and Port General Manager Joanne Brown.

McCreadie said with the rise in crime, with overtime and benefit pay lagging, he wants to help keep moral up  by thanking island law enforcers personally.

McCreadie said he hopes that “everyone can take some time out of their day and say thank you to the next police officer, fire fighter, conservation officer, park ranger, corrections officer, youth service worker, customs officer, airport police officer, port police officer, court marshal and court probation officer they see. Just a little appreciation goes a long way.”

McCreadie Tuesday also stopped to visit the Airport Police, Customs and Quarantine and the Department of Corrections. Wednesday he says he’ll visit the islands fire and police stations.