VIDEO: McNinch Poll Shows Strong Support for Medical Marijuana and for Governor Calvo’s Re-Election


Guam – Dr. Ron McNinch has released a poll that shows strong support for medical marijuana the military buildup and the deportation of migrants who habitually commit crimes.

His latest poll also shows that 70 percent think that Governor Calvo will be re-elected.

However, he says this is due to the fact that the Democrats have yet to declare a gubernatorial team something he believes will eventually happen.

“The interesting thing is for the Governor’s race most people think that Carl Gutierrez is gonna be the Democrat candidate. You know he had a pretty good strong showing this lack of a declared candidate at this point has kind of hurt the Democrats a little bit. That doesn’t mean they can’t jump back and improve it really quickly and they can,” said Dr. McNinch. The UOG Professor says that even if the Democrats field a gubernatorial team late in the game, this year’s election is still anyone’s game. “Who knows whose gonna be elected Governor in November that’s the other thing polls don’t predict anything they just show right now here’s what people think,” said Dr. McNinch.

Another election that remains up in the air is the fight for supremacy of the legislature. “We asked do you think the Republicans will take the majority and about 50 percent said yes and then in another poll at the same time because we do multiple polls we asked if you think the Democrats will retain the majority and about 50 percent said yes. So you know who knows?”

McNinch also polled other topics and found that 81 percent of the people polled supported medical marijuana. “Medical Marijuana, that’s a strong level of support I think the legislature given that level of support this is like the third poll that we’ve done that’s shown that level of support they could probably pass it,” said Dr. McNinch. He says the only group that doesn’t really support medical marijuana is women over 40. “Even recreational marijuana for private use showed up at 40 percent which I was surprised at. I thought it would’ve been lower,” said Dr. McNinch.

McNinch says 80 percent of the people polled supported the deportation of migrants who engage in habitual criminal behavior. “There’s another emerging issue relating to migrants who come to Guam without any health screening so they come to Guam with potentially big problems so they might be a policy initiative to start dealing with medical screenings we had at least 15 leprosy cases on Guam last year a very very high number and 14 of the 15 are from compact areas,” said Dr. McNinch. 670 voters were surveyed for this latest poll. Dr. McNinch stresses that all polls are just a snapshot in time and he says these numbers can all change as we get closer to the 2014 elections.


Medical Marijuana:

Medical marijuana is supported by about 62% of the public. Women over 40 are split almost equally on the issue and three out of four men between ages 18 and 40 support it. In general, this is a stable level of support over the last several months. About 44% of voters support private recreational use of marijuana. Women over 40 don’t like the idea, but men 18-40 strongly support it.

Deportation of Compact Convicts:

Over 81% of the public supported the effort to deport compact migrants who are repeat criminals. Senator BJ Cruz has made important strides in this effort. Over 81% of the public also supported the idea to require medical screening of migrants who move to Guam. This would include ensuring shot records and tuberculosis screenings are completed.  Also in the medical area, about three out of four voters intend to seek medical care at the private hospital rather than GMH.

Military Buildup:

Do you think the military buildup will be bad for Guam or good for Guam? About two thirds of voters believed the buildup will be good and about 30% thought it would be bad. This level of support was consistent both with men and women.

Hay Pay Raises:

In the area of Hay pay increases, two out of three voters do not support increasing salaries at the legislature. On the other hand, 70% support increasing salaries for classified employees. Over 60% of the public also support paying GPD officers more than court marshals at the judiciary.

Return to 21 Senators in Guam Legislature:

Only about a third of the public supported going back to 21 senators.  Even with the same cost level, 15 senators is still preferred. I  prefer 21 for a number of political reasons, but such is life. Since it is still up in the air, we asked the public who they thought would be the democrat nominee for governor. The only candidate to be named with strong support was Carl Gutierrez with 41%.

Who Will Control the Legislature after November Election? Republicans or Democrats:

GOP Legislative Majority About half of voters thought that the republicans could take the majority in the November elections. In the second split, about half of voters thought that the democrats would keep the majority. About half of the voters supported privatizing the prison system. About a third oppose the idea.

Who Will Win the Race for Governor?:

About 70% of voters thought that Governor Calvo would prevail over a democrat opponent in the 2014 elections. Part of this high number is likely the result of a lack of a declared democrat at this point. Once a candidate declares, each party resets and starts at around 40% support. Then the election is decided by the remaining 20%.

Legislature Serves With Vision?:

About 36% of voters believe the legislature serves the public with a sense of vision. Women 18-40 were the only group to be positive about the legislature.

Independence for Guam?:

About 94% of voters would not trade their US Passports and US citizenship for a Guam passport and citizenship.  This number is consistent with other polls we have had with this question.  If the US passport is preferred this strongly, there really isn’t a political status question. What we really need to do is to learn to communicate with the federal government better.     

MALES 40 years of Age or Younger:



MALES 40 years of Age or Older:


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FEMALES 40 Years of Age or Older: