VIDEO: Members of 6th Guam Education Board Take Oath of Office


Guam – Elected members of the Guam Education Board took their oath of office this morning, in the first of several inauguration ceremonies held for elected officials today [Monday.]

Before the new Guam Education Board was sworn in Department of Education  Superintendent Jon Fernandez took time to thank the members of the 5th Guam Education Board for their service, especially recognizing outgoing members Joe San Agustin, Dr Anita Enriquez, Vice Chairman Dr. Paul Pineda and Rosie Tainatongo.

“Having just reached my sixth month mark I just wanted to say thank you to all of them individually for welcoming me here allowing me to hit the ground running,” Fernandez said. “To ensure that we’re able to get through these first 6th months and do the job that we need to do for our students.”

Previous Board Chairman Francis Santos remarked on the accomplishments of the last board and the work ahead for the next.

“I believe we did a great job given the circumstances that we’re faced with,” Santos stated. “But the job ahead is tremendous for us. We need to get really working on a budget for our department.”

The 6th board includes newly elected members Peter Alecxis Ada, Lourdes Benavente, Mary Gutierrez, and Albert San Agustin and already existing elected members Ron Ayuyu, and Dr Jose Cruz as well as appointed members May Camacho, Barry Mead, and former Chair Francis Santos.

The 6th Guam Education Board will meet on Thursday, January 31st at 8:30 AM at the Adacao Elementary School Cafeteria to elect officers.