VIDEO: Meno Claims Safety Report Proves Slip and Fall, Attorney Van de Veld Accuses Port of With-Holding It


Guam – In her first public comments since being firing as Port Marketing Manager 6 months ago, Bernadette Meno maintains her claim of slipping and falling in a Port bathroom is true.

And both Meno and her Attorney Curtis Van de Veld say the proof is in a document that should have been provided to them months ago, but only surfaced this week in the appeal of another fired Port employee.

READ the report submitted by the Port Safety Inspector HERE


“I have 4 kids. You know they hear what lies are coming out. Its not easy. So many people are being hurt.”

Former Port Marketing Manager Bernadette Meno. She is at the center of the storm of controversy which led to the firing of 7 Port employees, and the resignation of former Port Manager Mary Torres,  all over an alleged conspiracy to falsify a worker’s compensation claim that was made by, but never paid out to, Meno herself.

Terminated Port Employees:

1. Vivian Leon – Corporate Service Manager

2. Francine Roccio – Personnel Services Administrator

3. Bernadette Stern Meno – Port Marketing Manager – CSC declines to VOID Final Adverse Action Notice ruling 60-day rule was NOT violated

4. Jose “Jojo” Guevera – Controller

5. Josette Javelosa – Program Coordinator

6. Frances Arriola – Personnel Specialist – CSC VOIDS Final Adverse Action Notice deciding that the 60-day rule was violated.

7. Leonora Leon Guerrero – HR clerk

The accident in question is a slip and fall in the Port’s bathroom on September 22 of 2011.

PNC: “Did you slip and fall?”

Meno: “Yes. I did.”

PNC: “Where and when?”

Meno: “In September of 2011 I slipped in the women’s restroom at my work, my then work, the Port Authority of Guam. And I reported it immediately.”

PNC: “What proof  is there now of that accident? What proof do you have.?”

Meno:  “Well, now we have a copy of this safety report that we had not previously seen.”

The report Meno refers to is dated the day of the fall, September 22, 2011. The subject “Work Injury – Ms. Bernadette Meno (Marketing)”

It is addressed to the Port General Manager. It says it is from the “Safety Inspector,” who appears to have initialed it, although the person’s full name is not spelled on on the document.

The report refers to an “oily substance” on the floor of the ladies bathroom on the second floor of the Port Authority Administration building.

It states that at 11:20am  Meno “was exiting the center stall” in the bathroom when “she slipped on oily surface on the floor causing her to fall on her back.”  And “she was complaining of pain to her back, right leg, and right arm. She refused medical attention at this time.”

PNC: Bernadette its been said that you did not seek immediate medical care following this incident. Is that true and if so why not?

Meno: “The day of the accident I reported it. The Deputy general Manager, Anisia [Terlaje] was pressuring me not to seek medical attention that day. And I agreed to do so. But, over the next few days, the pain was getting worse and I have an auto-immune condition, and eventually it triggered a relapse. So I sought treatment, on my own, for months, at my own expense for my back pain.”

PNC: “Are you still in pain?”

Meno: “I am but I take medicine every day for it. I take pain killers.”

PNC: “Do you still need medical care for this incident?

Meno: “Yes.”

Significantly, under “Findings:” the Safety Inspector found that “The ladies room was slippery from oily substance on the floor. Oily  substance was cleaned by maintenance personnel.” 

The Safety Inspector’s “Conclusion:” was that “The primary cause of this injury was slippery surface.”

“This is fraud, its ridiculous,” said Meno’s attorney Curtis Van de Veld, referring to what he said was the failure of  Port Management to provide this Safety Report to him and his client during the discovery process.

Tapping his finger on the Safety report he said, “Not having given this document to the tribunal [the Civil Service Commission] is absolute fraud. Its unethical. Its absolute misconduct.”

Van de Veld is representing Meno in her Adverse Action appeal before the Civil Service Commission. Van de Veld says the document was never provided to him. And neither he nor Meno had seen it, until this week.

Van de Veld:
“Its actually never been provided to us. It came through discovery that was provided to another employee.  And this is something which really is distributing because Mike Phillips [Port attorney] has represented on more than one occasion that there was no slip and fall. And so it indicates exactly what it is that Ms. Meno has been saying in which the Port Authority, in what I can only describe as dishonest behavior, has been questioning the existence of this accident.”

Meno: “Its hard to see all of these other innocent people and their lives being destroyed for political purposes.”