VIDEO: Merits Hearing for Former Port Employee Bernadette Meno Re-Scheduled for April 2016


Guam – Former Port Authority Marketing Manager Bernadette Stern Meno might have to wait until the year 2016 to have her case heard before the Civil Service Commission.

During a status hearing this afternoon, the CSC scheduled eight days for the hearing, all falling between March 31st and April 26th of 2016. Meno, and six other port employees, were fired in December of 2012 over accusations that they were all involved in falsifying a workers compensation claim.

The hearing on the merits had been scheduled to begin to begin today but Meno and her attorney, Curtis Van De Veld, had it re-scheduled because a hearing on three motions made by Meno had not yet taken place. That hearing, on the motions, began at 5:45 this evening.

After the motions are heard, Van De Veld says it doesn’t make sense to make Meno wait another two years to have the merits of her case heard. He suggests that Meno’s case could be heard sooner if the commission would consolidate it with the cases of other employees, as he says the cases are all identical.