VIDEO: MMA Fighter Alex Castro Arrested, in Prison, for Assault; Warden Placed on Leave for Alleged Involvement


Guam – MMA Fighter turned prisoner Alex Castro has been arrested for assaulting another inmate. What’s of more concern though, is that the incident happened at the half-way house where prisoners go when they’re about to be released. Castro has only been serving 5 months of his 3 year sentence. Castro was charged with aggravated assault.

“The victim in this case right now received injuries to his bodies. He was medically assessed by the medical director. He was also taken to Guam Radiology where he was x-rayed and the results came back negative for any internal injuries,” says Internal Affairs Officer Jeff Limo.

The attack happened yesterday morning at the halfway house, where inmates go when they’re about to be released. The victim, says Limo, was set to be released in a matter of weeks. Castro, however, still has another 2 years and 7 months left before he can go free.

Limo says eligible inmates get placed at the halfway house after they’ve served 2/3 of their sentence.

“and the halfway house consists of work release, work credit, and education release,” he adds.

But there are other ways inmates can make it to the halfway house even if they haven’t served two-thirds of their sentence yet. But only three people at DOC have the power to make that decision, the warden, the DOC director or the Adjustment Classification Committee.

We asked Limo which of the three made that decision but he declined to comment.

Limo also tells us that two DOC employees have been placed on administrative leave, but he declined to tell us who they are and he could not tie it directly to Castro’s assault case.

PNC Sources, however, say the two employees are the warden, Frank Crisostomo and a DOC Officer. Sources say Crisostomo unilaterally placed Castro at the halfway house even after the ACC said no and that Crisostomo was paid $7,000 in exchange for placing Castro there.

Meanwhile, the investigation into another assault case at DOC involving a stabbing is still ongoing. Convicted murderer Frank Pangelinan is accused of stabbing Eugene Lane in the back, a heavy charge compared to Castro’s alleged assault on another inmate. But a week later and still no arrests in the stabbing incident.

“The comparison between this incident and the stabbing incident is two levels of investigation. One was cooperative. One was willing to make a charge, report, statements and a confession. As far as the stabbing, it’s an investigation that’s taking a little bit longer and only because the inmates code of silence and they’re not cooperating in the investigation,” Limo explains.

PNC: “In the stabbing incident, even the victim is not willing to cooperate?”

Limo: “That’s correct.”

PNC: “Meaning he is he denying that anything happened?”

Limo: “In that investigation part, both inmates are refusing to talk about it.”

Limo adds that in Castro’s case, the victim is pressing charges, which is why it did not take long for DOC officers to complete the investigation and arrest Castro.