VIDEO: MMA Fighter Frank “THE CRANK” Camacho Takes a Stand Against Violence with Man Up Initiative


Guam – Frank the Crank Camacho may use his fists for a living as a Mixed Martial Artist, but he’s taking a firm stand against using them outside the cage.

Camacho is now the face of the Man-Up Initiative, which raises awareness about violence against women. Camacho explains that he was approached by the group Random Women’s Rally or RaWR, asking if he’d be a part of the campaign that challenges men to walk away from violence.

“Growing up I’m very fortunate to have two loving parents. I was never around domestic violence, but of course living on the island you kinda hear about it 107 here and there so I was very fortunate. But I feel like as a member of the community, I’m given this opportunity to encounter people, to make a difference and I feel that if I can do that and change one person’s perspective on violence against women, it’s my duty,” said Camacho.

He added: “That’s what I really liked about the Man Up thing is, you know, man up, man up and walk away from a fight. You don’t need to punch someone in the face. You don’t need to do any of that. Walk away from a fight and I promise you’ll feel ten times better.”

You can learn more about the Man Up initiative through their Facebook page at Man Up Guam.